IORI Timer

Elevate Every Second, Connect Every Moment – Redefining Excellence in Training!

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High Precision Timing

Accurate to 1/100 of a second, perfect for timing sprints and other speed training.

Simple and Easy to Use

With one press to start and stop, simple operation makes it easy to learn and use.

Infrared Laser Trigger

Experience unrivaled accuracy with the advanced Infrared Laser Trigger. Activate your timer with a beam of precision, ensuring instant and reliable timing initiation. Whether for reaction time testing or rapid start synchronization, the Infrared Laser Trigger takes precision to the next level.

TwinLink Connectivity

Enabling seamless connectivity among two or more timers. Synchronize, coordinate, and enhance your training sessions with the power of synchronized timing.

Video Recording Controller

Not just a simple timer, it's also a video recording controller. Start and stop your smartphone video recording with the push of a button.

Kid Friendly

Simple to use, no adult help needed. Perfect for children's sports training.

Gaming Level Buttons

Features oversized, highly responsive buttons that provide satisfying feedback when pressed. Enhanced button feeling inspires competitive atmosphere during training or matches.

Long Battery Life

Up to 12 hours of continuous use, meeting most outdoor sports needs without frequent charging.